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Spectrum Medical Evaluators

At Spectrum Eval, we are dedicated to enhancing the success of our QME (Qualified Medical Evaluator) practitioners. Our mission is to optimize and streamline the QME process, empowering our physicians to expand their practice and maximize their earnings.

Our comprehensive support system is designed to ensure that every aspect of the QME process is efficient and effective. From initial evaluation to final reporting, we provide the tools and resources necessary for our doctors to focus on what they do best—providing top-notch medical evaluations.

Discover how Spectrum Medical Evaluators can help you grow your QME business.

Why Our Physicians Love Us

Committed To Our Doctors

We work tirelessly to make sure the QME process for our doctors is easy!

Unparalleled Support

Direct 24/7 support from QME experts in every speciality.

Maximized QME Volume

Micro and macro analysis to ensure our doctors are in the busiest locations for QMEs.

Compliance Confidence

QME Support led by Med-Legal Pros

Join the Spectrum Eval team

If you are a doctor practicing in California, you’re invited to attend Evaluator Training. We provide training and education for physicians who are interested in learning how to conduct these evaluations.

Direct 24/7 access to experts with years of QME experience in every speciality for support and guidance through the process.
Streamlined process flow which not only makes the process quicker, allowing for more volume, but also provides a higher quality service.
Location macro and micro analysis allows us to continuously monitor the busiest locations throughout California for QME panel requests and place our physicians in those locations.


With over 180 locations throughout California, Spectrum Medical Evaluators has you covered for Medical Evaluations


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