QME Practice Management at its best!

Spectrum Medical Evaluators specializes in QME Practice Management. Whether you are a newly appointed QME physician or you have been practicing for years, we have a tailored program designed to help your QME practice grow.

QME Practice Management Services

Site Network & Office Placement

Receive continual in-depth location analysis for over 200 strategically located sites for maximum income potential.

Scheduling Management

Our specialized team adeptly manages scheduling and evaluation coordination.

Record Digitization & Excerpt Prep

Access all necessary medical records conveniently online, with our swift digitization services and initial clerical excerpt preparation.

Bill Review & Collections

You can trust SME for meticulous bill review, with our expert collectors ensuring prompt, thorough collection with market-leading success rates.

On-Site Medical Assistance

Count on our dedicated team to assist with evaluation preparation, ensure the presence of all relevant parties, and manage any arising issues seamlessly.

Med-Legal Compliance

Tap into our specialized team of legal experts to ensure full compliance with DWC regulations and optimum success.

Helping QME's thrive at all stages of their practice

Quick Start Program

Turnkey Program for Newly Appointed QME's

Embark on your journey as a QME with ease through Spectrum Medical Evaluators’ Quick Launch Program. Led by a seasoned QME physician, our comprehensive approach ensures that you’re equipped with everything you need to excel in your new role. From acing the QME Competency Exam to establishing a thriving practice, trust Spectrum Medical Evaluators to guide you every step of the way.

Expert Guidance

Comprehensive Courses

Exam Prep

& More…

Advanced Program

Turnkey Program for Existing QME's

Spectrum Medical Evaluators is one of the top choices for existing QMEs. Founded by a QME physician, Spectrum Medical Evaluators has a thorough understanding of all that goes into the career of a QME. Our services exist to provide everything you need to become a highly successful QME physician.

Expert Support

Personally Tailored

To Your Practice

All QME Services Available with Spectrum Medical Evaluators

  • QME Practice Strategic Analysis – Based on your opportunity in the market and your career goals, our experts will help you create a personalized strategy for your med-legal practice.

  • Office placement & management – We utilize a proprietary system that leverages data points to ensure you are in the optimal office locations.

  • Schedule management, evaluation coordination and DWC compliance – At SME, we have a specialized team that handles the busy work so you can focus on evaluations.

  • Record digitization and initial clerical excerpt of medical records – All that you need to review will be available online in a timely manner.

  • Dictation/Transcription – SME offers rapid turnaround times, enabling you to complete your reports within specific timelines.

  • Report review and quality assurance – We partner with certified Impairment Rating Specialists to ensure your final reports are top notch and compliant with the law.

  • On-site medical assistant – We promise to be available to help you prep for your evaluations, make sure all parties are present where and when they need to be and will manage any issues that may arise.

  • Bill review – SME will ensure that all submitted bills are correct and compliant with the law.

  • Collections – Our team of highly experienced Collectors do everything possible to ensure that what is owed, is collected. SME prides itself on having one of the best collection rates on the market.